Eskan Online

It is a dedicated platform offering digital services to eligible citizens in the Kingdom of Bahrain that enables them to complete all their procedural transactions related to their housing financing service without the need to visit the branches in person, providing a seamless and secure experience with many advantages:

  • View updates on your Mazaya application. 
  • Check, review and complete your Tas’heel application online at your convenience. 
  • Speed up the process by attaching all the necessary documents on the system. 
  • Manage and view your account balance. 
  • Get access to check your financing plan at any time. 
  • Request specific banking services such as: cheque books, outstanding financing balance, and full statement issuance. 
  • Organize and set limits to your fund transfers.

Eskan Online Features

  • Ease of use: A user-friendly interface suitable for all users. 
  • 24/7 availability: Access services anytime, anywhere. 
  • Security and privacy: Ensure the protection of your personal data and financial transactions. 
  • Saving time and effort: Reduces the need to visit branches to complete transactions.

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