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Vision, Mission, Core Values

Vision Lead in providing innovative and sustainable housing solutions Core Values • Integrity• Respect• Ownership• Innovation Mission •...


Lead the provision of innovative and sustainable housing solutions


Core Values

• Ownership: Our team takes responsibility for achieving successful outcomes and are accountable for the end result.
• Respect: Respect is weaved into the way we treat our employees, the level of service we deliver to our customers, and the quality of our solutions.
• Innovation: We continuously strive to do things better, in the creation and delivery of our products and services.
• Integrity: We are guided by a moral compass and implement ethical principles and practices in our relationships with employees, partners and customers, and in everything we do.



• Build a strategic alliance with the Ministry of Housing and government bodies towards achieving the overall housing sector objectives of the Government of Bahrain.
• Develop innovative and effective frameworks of partnerships with the private sector for funding social housing beneficiaries and enhancing the supply of housing units.
• Lead in benchmarking socio-economic and environmentally sustainable housing developments.
• Enhance the welfare and empower the Bank’s human capital towards realizing its full potential.