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E-Cheques are exactly what you need when you are trying to move your business forward! No PAPER, NO QUEUES, AND NO HASSLE.

Whether you’re a corporate signatory, an individual, or a small-to-medium sized business owner, the process could not be easier. Simply head down to our branch, register your current or business account, fill in some details and you are off! For individuals, you can do it all through your BenefitPay app.


How To Request
Find out how to request an E-Cheque book on BenefitPay

Retail customer
If you are a retail customer then you can enroll for E-Cheque using BenefitPay. Register your IBAN and activate your account using BenefitPay instantly.

Corporate customer
If you are a corporate customer, you’ll need to approach our bank and fill in the application forms for your company and the authorized signatories of the company

Download Forms
  • E-Cheque Authorized Signatory Registration Request Form, click here

  • E-Cheque Class Rules Request Form, click here

  • E-Cheque Customer Registration Request Form, click here

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