Whistle Blowing Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to create an internal environment at Eskan Bank & its Subsidiaries whereby the staff are encouraged to reveal and report, without any fear of retaliation, subsequent discrimination and of being disadvantaged in any way, about any fraudulent, immoral, unethical or malicious activity or conduct, which in their opinion may cause financial or reputational loss to the Bank.

Ensure that members of staff who report irregularities in good faith are afforded the utmost confidentiality as a result of their whistleblowing while ensuring that their legitimate personal interests are protected.

View the Whistle Blowing Policy here

If you have concerns about wrongful conduct, unethical or improper activity within Eskan Bank Bahrain, including fraud, corruption, abuse, unethical or malicious behavior, please raise your concerns through our confidential and independent channels:

Email: whistleblowing@eskanbank.com

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