Retail Banking Department

The Retail Banking Department of Eskan Bank is divided into several functions, each with a specific role in serving the Bank's customers:

Customer Service

  • On behalf of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning, the customer service unit helps customers with all aspects of their Tas'heel and Mazaya financing, including disbursements, collections, and account management.
  • Assists customers with opening and managing accounts, processing and obtaining financing, and resolving any issues they may have.
  • Educates customers about the Bank's financing products and services so they can choose the best solutions for their needs.
  • Provides prompt, courteous, and professional service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sales and Marketing

  • Markets, sells, and collects payments for projects, financing services, and products.
  • Develops and implements marketing strategies to reach potential customers and promote the Bank's projects, financing products, and services.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with real estate developers and other key stakeholders in the housing industry to expand the Bank's reach and offer customers more options in the market.
  • Provides information and advice to customers about the Bank's housing financing products and services.
  • Assists customers with the loan application process and helps them secure additional financing they need from partner banks.

Hala Eskan

  • It is the call center unit of Eskan Bank, where it responds to all customer calls, resolves complaints quickly and efficiently, and replies to inquiries raised by customers.
  • Provides a convenient and accessible way for customers to contact the bank with their questions or concerns.
  • Provides customers with information and advice about the bank's products and services.

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