Eskan Properties Company (EPC):

EPC, established in 2007, acts as the real estate development arm of the Bank. It follows the Bank’s strategy, largely focused on serving the social housing agenda of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning.

EPC, in line with social housing development, developed the ‘Danaat’ brand of sustainable, affordable/social homes for Bahraini citizens benefiting from social housing services offered by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning. It continuously strives to offer innovative, smart, green, economical and efficient real estate housing solutions, in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030. The brand is also offered through partnerships with private sector landlords and investors, whereby EPC offers development management services.

The company develops and manages all community retail centres within residential cities, districts or projects, to partially serve the immediate day to day needs of citizens.

EPC provides property and facility management services to residential buildings developed by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning, in an effort to promote citizens’ welfare in vertical living developments.

It also offers technical advisory to the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning and negotiates on its behalf in matters where it is mandated to do so.

Danaat Al Lawzi

Since 1979, Eskan Bank has enabled thousands of Bahraini families to own homes through a diverse suite of housing services provided by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning. Over the years, and in addition to its original role of being the financial administration arm of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning, Eskan Bank’s operations have evolved to become a direct provider of housing solutions. This evolution manifested itself in 2014, when Eskan Bank partnered with Infinity Capital to develop Danaat Al Lawzi.

Danaat Al Lawzi is an affordable housing project, comprising 303 spacious villas in Hamad Town, targeting Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning social housing services’ beneficiaries. Designed to cater for the modern Bahraini family, Danaat Al Lawzi creates a living environment that offers the comfort of a serene residential community. Nestled at the heart of Hamad Town, Danaat Al Lawzi is conveniently located in close proximity to Souq Waqif, shopping malls and restaurants. The project also includes a retail facility of around 2,000 sqm that is operated by Lulu Hypermarket, catering to the needs of the residents.

Danaat Al Lawzi has been developed by Eskan Properties Company, ensuring the continuity of quality that has become synonymous with previous Eskan Bank projects.

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