Banking Services

Fees & Charges

Eskan Bank Swift ID : ESKBBHBM

Service Amount in BHD
Cheque Books
Cheque Book Issuance 4.000
Counter Cheques per leaf 1.000
Return cheque (refer to Drawer, Not arrange for, Re-present, A/C closed) 10.000
Stop payment per cheque 10.000
Mailing of uncollected cheque book 2.000
Standing Order
Amendments on standing order 2.000
Charges for insufficient funds 10.000
Payments to other bank 1.000 + (TT/MC/Charges)
Internal transfer 1.000
Manager Cheques
Issue Manager cheque 3.000
Issue Manager cheque (against Cash) 5.000
Cancel or stop payment of Manager cheque 5.000
Wire Transfer (SWIFT)
Within Bahrain 0.400
Within GCC countries 5.000
Other countries 7.000
Other Services
Copy of cheques or voucher 3.000
Copy of statement  (1-3 month) 1.000
Copy of statement  (3 month to 1 year) 3.000
Copy of statement  (+1 year ) 5.000
Payment fees (early settlement for Mortgage finance only) 0.75% أو 200.000 دينار أيهما أقل (من المبلغ المتبقي)متبقي)
Partial Payment - Mortgage finance only 25.000
Rescheduling of Funding fees only-Mortgage finance only 250.000
Property Evaluation Fees 60.000
Issuance of finance outstanding letter (Free for Pensioners) 10.000
Other Social Services
Add a corner or more to the property 15.000
Amend / delete any condition in the Title Deed 15.000
Add / amend / delete surname in the Title Deed 15.000
Integration of two properties 15.000
Divide the property or amend 15.000
Endowment half of Title Deed to Husband/Wife 15.000
Change property status 15.000
Replacement of Title Deed 35.000
Copy of the Title Deed مجاناً
Mortgage document fees 5.000
Electronic Fund Transfer System - EFTS
FAWRI+ Payments - up to BD 100 No Fees
FAWRI+ Payments - above BD 100 up to BD 1,000 100 fils per transaction
(Salaries) FAWRI direct credit 5 fils per transaction
(other than salaries) FAWRI direct credit 100 fils per transaction
Fawateer payments No Fees
Direct Debit Facility 0.300
Restricted Conventional Retail Bank Licensed and Regulated by the CBB